Spoke to Apple support about the lack of HKSV after ios15

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

Just wanted to update all of y’all

Apple support allowed me to explain my issue with HomeKit secure video not recording or notifying after the iOS 15 update. I was also able to explain the issues some of y’all posted about too

The representative assured me that Apple is extremely aware of the problem and have been working since yesterday to remedy things

I was also told the issue is actually on apples end and the solution won’t require a software update

As always, no eta on the fix

Mods. May you please make one sticky so we can all contribute on one single post in regards to this issue? This way everything can be discoverable in one spot. Thnx!

**23 Sept**

Mods, thanks for the sticky! Hopefully it can be unstickied as soon as Apple pushes a fix

Guys, called Apple. Pretty much got a word for word repeat. There doesn’t seem to be a “trick” or a “thing” to this. I asked why some folks weren’t experiencing these issues while others were. The representative couldn’t take a guess.

Thanks all of you for your info, keep it coming

**24 Sept**

I called Apple support today just to see if there was an update.

The gentleman I spoke to immediately cut me off and told me that he is now supposed to get tier 1 support on three way. And so he did

Tier 1 support sent me an email with a link. The link allows me to upload pictures and screen recordings. While on the phone with both of them. He instructed me on what to upload and what to capture. After that was done. He had me download a profile for my phone so he could capture logs. He saw that my home pod mini was currently acting as a hub so he had me install a different profile to the pod so he could capture logs too. We also removed all the cameras and added them. One at a time. And each time one was added we messed with the settings. And he had me record my screen while I stepped in front of the camera to prove my phone wasn’t receiving a notification and to prove nothing was saved in iCloud hksv

No resolution yet. But am expecting a call from this tier 1 person within 3 days. He is supposed to contact me via email with his availability as soon as tier 2 looks over everything.

**27 September**

No updates at all. I haven’t forgotten about this post. I will update as soon as Apple reaches out

**29 September**

Called Apple for an update. Engineers are either still looking at the logs or haven’t gotten to them yet. Nothing new to report except that I’ve been removing and reading hubs, people, the cameras and nothing solves it. It does seem to work for some. Definitely not for me though. So there’s that.

I’ll continue to update. I think I’m gonna try to nuke the whole home tomorrow, again. And see what that does.

**1 October**

I don’t know how but my cameras 100% record to hksv now. I haven’t done anything at all to attempt to remedy the problem today. It just works. 🤷🏽‍♂️

**4 October**

My cameras mysteriously started working a few days ago. But it’s been on and off. At this point. I give up

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