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Starling Home Hub (Get Nest products in HomeKit)

Starling Home Hub (Get Nest products in HomeKit)

Starling Home Hub (Get Nest products in HomeKit)

So I ordered and installed Starling Home Hub and have been using it for 4-5 days now. This is amazing. I have a thermostat like 1 Nest, 2 Nest CO / smoke detectors and the Nest Hello doorbell. All I have on me is the native HomeKit and it was a real fight in which Google will not play well with HomeKit.

I even tried to replace my thermostat and get the Ecobee one just to work with HomeKit. But I still have CO detectors and I just installed the bell.

The process went smoothly. I was very impressed with the setup, it is web based and I did everything on the iPhone. My Nest account is my Google account and even with 2FA I had no issues with Starling with Nest. After that I set the cameras for each device and everything worked immediately. In in the control center and Siri.

I paid for the full kit for $ 90, which seems to be just a Raspberry Pi with custom software. And I’m pretty sure you can download the software and set it up yourself if you feel comfortable. But I wanted it to be quick and easy, and that way I could give the devils some money.

I’m not an ordinary person, I tried a few times and it seemed very hacky and that it could come off at any time. And so far, Starling is able to fully integrate Nest products into the HomeKit, because it is a “hub”.

I wanted to share my experience so far with my fellow HomeKit fans there, using Nest products.