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Starling LLC

I just wanted to post about my experience with the company that sells Starling Home Hub. Although I had to go back to mine due to a HomeKit limitation, otherwise it was a great product.

Their support people explained the problem and offered me a solution, although it was not optimal for me. They stood by their guarantee and reimbursed me promptly.

For most users, this is an excellent product with responsive support. For me, the problem was that I wanted to migrate a large number of Google smart home devices to the Apple HomeKit and do everything from the Home app. Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Notifications were the biggest downside, as all notifications for Home apps are generic and don’t support things like facial recognition by Nest cameras.

I’m a huge Apple fanboy, but Google is still remotely in the smart home stage, and as much as I wanted to be all-in with HomeKit, the devices aren’t available yet. And I didn’t want to have half of my home controlled by HomeKit and the other half by Google, so until Apple fixes that … I’ll stick with Google.

But that said … Starling Home Hub is the best and easiest-to-use solution available to perfectly control most Nest products in the Home app. And importantly, it is backed by a seemingly good company.