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Tado AC Review, using in the US

Tado AC Review, using in the US

So I found out about the Tado AC controller, because I have a basement desk with a Mitsubishi mini-split. I was looking in all the stores in the USA for a kind of HomeKit controller for Mini-Split, without having to do any form of hacking or bridge house or home assistant. This seemed to fit the bill.

I ordered from [Amazon.UK](https://Amazon.UK) and received the next day. The setup was pretty easy all things considered. I had some problems in which I realized the remote control that I thought was strange, because it is a regular Mitsubishi model. However, a few extra minutes and it was fine.

I set it to thermostat mode, which, from my perspective, makes it work like any other smart thermostat. He was very receptive through HomeKit. One thing I like is that I put it on the wall next to my desk, which is on the opposite side of the room, while my mini parted. So when he reads the temperature and makes adjustments, he relies on where they are not where the mini-splitting is.

Do you have questions that anyone can answer?