Talking Trikots: Why Bayern Munich's current away kit should be home equipment for the rest of the season

Cupertino, November 4, 2021

Adidas has really made all the stops for Bayern Munich's new away equipment this season. Launched in May last year, the kit is the first time Bayern have had a black travel kit in a very long time and it deserves all the attention it attracts. Maybe even more than gathering? This is a completely random idea, but this beautiful kit deserves to be the face of Bayern Munich this season and replace the home equipment, rather than the away equipment. Before you shout blasphemy protests, listen to me.

Reason 1. It's just gorgeous

It's been a while since Bayern has had a kit as beautiful as this one. Black jet with gold ornaments and sparkles, you can not really go wrong with such a combination of colors. Some people don't like Bavarian diamonds on the front of the shirt, but that gives it the uniqueness it deserves, which makes it a Bayern kit rather than a generic shirt that could be given to any other team. The set literally shines in all its glory whenever the team wears it on the field and gives Bayern a very good look to anyone who might watch it.

Since modern football is much more than a simple game in which 22 men hit a ball and the Germans always win (as long as Korea does not play), appearance is extremely important. Street football clothing is fast becoming a thing and it is important that the club's main jersey looks good not only to Bayern fans, but also to light fans in general. People will be attracted to Bayern because of this shirt and who knows? It might stay for the rest of the party. A good-looking shirt could very well be a good marketing tool, and the more likely it is to shine, the better.

Reason 2. Guarantees objectives

SL Benfica v Bayern Munich: Group E - UEFA Champions League

Photo by Carlos Rodrigues / Getty Images

Until the end of October 2021, Bayern played four matches wearing this kit, once in the last match of last season and three times in the new season. The results are as follows: a 5-2 victory against Augsburg, a 4-1 victory with RB Leipzig, a 4-0 victory with Benfica and a 5-2 victory against Union Berlin. As you can see, Bayern have scored 18 goals in four matches, scoring at least four goals in each match. All four victories were deserved, and the result was seldom in any doubt.

Opponents were not pushovers either; Leipzig and Union are both teams that can be more than a hand for any Bundesliga opponent, while Benfica is one of the best teams Portugal has to offer. Even Augsburg has had a difficult time for Bayern in recent years. The idea is that this shirt offers quite a few goals and left every Bayern fan with a smile on their face after the final whistle. Wouldn't it be great if there were as many games as possible?

Reason 3. He already has a very special memory inside

FC Bayern Munich v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga

Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics / Corbis by Getty Images

This kit can only have four old games, but it already has a special place in the hearts of many Bayern fans. Remember the last game last season, when the team made its debut? He said goodbye to Jérôme Boateng, Javi Martínez and David Alaba, not to mention the six-time winning coach Hansi Flick and the assistant coach Hermann Gerland. It was also the match in which Robert Lewandowski broke Gerd Müller's 40-year record for most goals in a single Bundesliga season. Goals from Lewandowski, Serge Gnabry, Joshua Kimmich, Kingsley Coman and an own goal made a splendid afternoon for all of FC Bayern. In addition, Manuel Neuer even saved a penalty.

It is common for a title-winning T-shirt to continue until next season and reach the spotlight for a full year, such as the 2013 and 2020 triple-winning equipment. But this time, because the T-shirt is worn only in selected travel games, no longer shines as much. The bottom line is that Bayern fans deserve to have many more memories in this glorious shirt.

Reason 4. The home kit is hideous

Borussia Mönchengladbach v Bayern München - DFB Cup: second round

Photo by Lars Baron / Getty Images

Now, I wouldn't even have written this play if it weren't for that reason. The home set for this season is an absolute parody. It looked awful from the moment it was leaked, and its official launch did nothing to make it look better. Seriously, come back. V-shaped stripes of burgundy and bright red? It looks like something that belongs in an anatomy lesson, not on a football field. This is one of the worst looks ever to decorate a football shirt, let alone a Bayern shirt. It's been a while since Bayern had such bad home equipment, and this shirt is definitely the worst home shirt of the decade. It's a shame, given that Bayern have had great equipment at home for the last ten years.

It also happens to have the disgrace of being the team that was worn in the worst defeat of the club in the last 43 years, the 5-0 setback at Borussia Mönchengladbach in DFB-Pokal. Bad shirts are equal to bad results. Good shirts are equal to good results. Do you remember the club's first triple in 2012/13? That red and gold shirt was something special. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this year. The home team is absolutely hideous and I will never spend a penny on it unless Bayern win the Champions League this season.

So, these are the four reasons why the current travel kit should be promoted to the home team. Yes, it's not red, but there were a few examples of non-red kits that were home kits in the '90s, so it's not too far removed from tradition, as you might think. Of course, it will never happen, and Bayern will be stuck wearing that awful home shirt for most of the season. One can only hope that the travel kit is worn in at least as many games as possible and that more good memories will come with it.

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