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The 2021 iPhones will be called “iPhone 13”, with “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max” models

The 2021 iPhones will be called “iPhone 13”, with “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max” models

Apple will name this year’s new iPhone “iPhone 13”, following the same naming convention as the current range with “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max” variants, according to the Korean website Daily economic news.

The report establishes previous rumors that suggested that Apple could call the next iPhone “iPhone 12S”, suggesting that we will see a “iPhone 13 13 /” iPhone 13 Pro 6.1-inch, “iPhone 13 mini” 5.4-inch and 6.7 – “iPhone 13 Pro Max”, all of which are expected to be announced in September.

Rumor has it that Apple has reduced the size of the TrueDepth camera and sensor system, commonly referred to as notch, for the first time with this year’s iPhone iteration, is assumed moving the earpiece to the top of the device, allowing the total width of the notch to be shortened for the first time.

It is also claimed that this year, the successors of Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will have an updated look of the camera, the two devices having a diagonal arrangement of the camera, similar to the one viewed earlier this year in online shared renderings.

A recent survey by SellCell showed that one in five iPhone and iPad users would be disappointed by Apple announcing a “PiPhone 13” due to the superstition that the number 13 is unlucky. In contrast, 74% of respondents said they would prefer a different name than iPhone 13 for the latest generation iPhones, “iPhone (2021)” voting the most appropriate name at 38%.

Picture: DuanRui