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The best HomeKit security system?

The best HomeKit security system?

Hello everyone, so I just set up my first smart home.

I have:

* Lutron Switch box for all my lighting
* Eufy Wired 2K ringtone
* Ecobee thermostat
* Ecobee window and door sensors
* Wemo smart plugs

I’m going to get:

* Amazon Echo points in all my main rooms (HomePods are too expensive)
* Meross HomeKit garage door opener (not yet available in Canada)
* HomeKit Vizio M Series TV (not available in Canada for some reason)
* Vizio V 5.1 series surround system
* Pack 3 Philips Light bars to place them on the back and side of the TV

Now, with this setup, I thought I’d get the Ecobee window and door sensors to complete my security system by subscribing to Ecobee Haven for $ 7 a month. What I like about other security systems is that it has geofencing, so no one has to enter a code manually. But before setting up the sensors, did I want to get your opinions / thoughts / suggestions to see if this is the way to go or if I should move on?

Edit: I use Apple TV 4K as a hub. I forgot to add this because I have owned it for over a year.