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Cupertino, March 12, 2020

It is undeniable that our devices are becoming smarter. With more "Internet of Things" products available than ever before, we can operate just about anything by pressing a smartphone button without leaving the couch - including the light switch. Although smart lighting has existed since the late 1990s (looking at you, Clapper), in recent years it has advanced to include remote applications and voice control. Also, these systems are becoming more and more accessible, but you still want to make sure that something so prominent in everyday life is also reliable, efficient and energy efficient. This guide will help you determine the best individual bulbs and complete systems for your needs and price range.

Check out the quick reviews below of the top five light bulbs and smart systems, and then go deeper to get more useful purchase information and comprehensive reviews of these models as well as other high-end options.

How to operate

Depending on the smart light, you will be able to control them from your phone and virtual assistant through the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity or they will need a hub to synchronize the bulbs and then you can control them by voice or an application on your phone. A hub can be a smart speaker, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple HomeKit, but some systems have their own. Even so, some connect directly to Wi-Fi for application control and require a hub only if you want access to voice control. CNET recommended that if you already use a smart home speaker, "adding lights that your assistant of choice can control is almost headless, and you'll be able to use them alongside things like cameras, thermostats and smart security systems. "

If you intend to use smart lights throughout your home, it is best to stick to one brand to use the same application, whether it is the manufacturer's application or another smart system. Even if you just want to dip your toes into the world of smart lights, purchasing one or two bulbs, we recommend that you go with a brand that offers more complete systems if you want to add later. In these applications, you will be able to set timers, turn on the lights and even change the bulb colors.

What to look for

lumens: By measuring the brightness of a bulb, lumens are usually around 800 for the old 60 watt incandescent environment. Most LED and smart bulbs provide the same amount of light, but use less power. (All of the high-performance bulbs that have reduced here are LEDs.)

Watts: All bulbs consume energy, but smart lights are generally cheaper - using only about 8-10 watts for about 800 lumens. Note that because smart lights are always lit even when the light is off, they will use a little more electricity than typical LED bulbs, although the difference is negligible.

Spout type: Almost every bulb in this article is an A19. This is the standard pear-shaped bulb, which will fit most sockets and lamps. Most smart light kits come with standard A19 bulbs, as they are the most common and compatible.

How I selected and evaluated them

I researched 10 sources of experts, such as Digital trends. Consumer Reports, and CNET, as well as 9,800 consumer reviews to select the first eight bulbs and smart systems of the year. Our consumer score represents the percentage of customers who rated the product at least four out of five stars on retail and review sites. Amazon Walmartand manufacturers' websites.


Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Light Starter Set

Total score of experts: 82/100 | Consumer Score: 87% offered him 4 stars or more
Easy to use, even if you are not the brightest bulb in spilled technology.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit | Hub required: Yes | Lights: 800 | Watts: 10 | Tip type: A19

Philips Hue

Starter set for Ambiance white light bulbs

$ 113.97

  • Easy to control and install
  • Gradual lighting

If you're looking for an all-in-one lighting system, Philips Hue is. This kit comes with four starter bulbs, but you can add up to 50 individual lights. Installation takes only about five minutes - screw in the bulbs and connect to the Hue Bridge and Hue application, allowing you to control the brightness and color from a distance. It also pairs with Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod for voice control. Bulbs can be set to daily schedules or timers to make sure your home is lit when you come home or turn off when you leave for the day. Most intelligent light systems allow programming, but this takes it to another level, allowing for gradual illumination. Digital trends said: "You can set alarms so that the lights start to light up gradually to wake you up in the morning or get dark as you get closer to bed."


Smart Sengled soft white starter set

Total score of experts: 82/100 | Consumer Score: 73% gave it 4 stars or more
Intelligent lighting, without being expensive.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub required: Yes | Lights: 800 | Watts: 9 | Tip type: A19


Smart starter set with White A19 soft LED

$ 34.93

  • Cheap
  • Easy to configure

Since smart lighting is still relatively young, it is understandable if you are going to worry about spending a lot of money on something that you are not convinced will work for your home. But for under $ 40, this two-pack kit does not require a lot of money. If you are still unpleasant, it has some great reviews. "For the price, I admit I didn't have high expectations," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I was wrong! This is a great light bulb! It was quickly associated and recognized with full native functionality. The light bulb is very responsive - it is off and on quickly with the SmartThings application, as well as through Alexa." Sengled also offers four different packages available with one, two, four and eight LED bulbs, all connecting to both Alexa and Google Assistant.


Smart LED bulb

Total score of experts: 89/100 | Consumer Score: 77% offered him 4 stars or more
Luxury is cheap with these dimmable, colored bulbs.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub required: No | Lights: 800 | Watts: 10 | Tip type: A19


Smart LED bulb

$ 25.99

Whether you are looking for a path to the smart lighting band or need some quality bulbs to be added to your collection, the Yeelight LED smart bulb is a great choice. Each light bulb is capable of connecting directly to Wi-Fi, there is no need for a hub to control the application. They can be darkened, with different lighting, such as warm white and daylight, depending on the mood and time of day. Control the lights either with the Wyze app or via Alexa and Google Assistant.


Multi-colored LIFX Mini LED bulb

Total score of experts: 90/100 | Consumer Score: 80% gave him 4 stars or more
Set the mood in each shade.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit | Hub required: No | Lights: 800 | Watts: 9 | Tip type: A19


Mini LED bulb with 800 lights

  • 16 million color options
  • Easy to install

Smart lights can be practical, but they can also be the highlight of a party. The LIFX LED bulb allows you to choose from a range of 16 million colors, as well as warm and cold white. There is no need for a hub, but the bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit. If you want to use it without a hub, you'll need to download the LIFX app available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. These lights connect quickly and easily to Wi-Fi. "We recently had a power outage and once the power was turned on, the LIFX bulb was back on the line and ready to use within minutes, without any problems," he wrote an Amazon commentator.


Smart LIFX Mini White LED bulb

Total score of experts: 98/100 | Consumer Score: 73% gave it 4 stars or more
Small and white, green and bright.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home | Hub required: No | Lights: 800 | Watts: 9 | Tip type: A19


White Mini

$ 22.29

  • Small and bright
  • Reasonable price

Smart lights aren't just for ceiling lights - these little ones can be placed in smaller places, like desk lamps or nightstands. Although it may not be as large as your average bulb, it still packs a punch of 800 lumens at maximum brightness, just like full-size LIFX bulbs. The bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit, have full darkening capabilities and do not require a hub to operate.

—Easy on the Eye—

Harth Sleep-Shift Sleep Ready Light

Total score of experts: 94/100 | Consumer Score: 76% gave him 4 stars or more
Put down the phone and turn on this light to sleep.

Lights: 600 | Watts: 7 | Tip type: A19


Sleep-Shift Light Sleep Ready

$ 19.99

Although this light cannot darken or change its color, it is smart in another way: It can help improve sleep by emitting less harmful blue rays that appear in LED lights and electronic screens. It's meant to simulate a sunset, giving you end-of-day vibes and luring you into sweet dreams. One reviewer commented: "As a good night owl, it is always difficult for me to give up at the end of the day. After reading about the ways in which yellow / amber light better trains our brain to sleep, I bought this and changed it to the bright white watt bulb I had in my bedroom. It is much easier to fall asleep without a bright blue-blue light holding me. "


Philips Hue Go Light Portable

Total score of experts: 80/100 | Consumer Score: 81% offered him 4 stars or more
Take your light with your mood.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub required: No | Lumens: 300 lumens | Watts: 6

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Philips Hue

Go Light portable

$ 79.99

For frequent travelers, it may be nice to take a little home with you. Not to mention that the hotel lights are often harsh and bright. This light has a wide range of colors and brightness, so you can adjust it. And if you plan to head out into the great outdoors, the light bulb can withstand a three-hour charge - great for nighttime reading, but make sure you pack a lantern as your primary camp light source. When you're away from home, turn it on and control it with a back button - if you want to operate it from the app or voice, you'll need to take the hub with you.


Sealight Smart Wi-Fi LED Bec

Consumer Score: 77% offered him 4 stars or more
An elegant bulb in industrial style, which is still environmentally friendly.

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub required: No | Lights: 800 | Watts: 8 | Tip type: A19


Smart LED bulb Wi-Fi

$ 29.99

  • Elegant appearance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Requires strong Wi-Fi connection

The decoration of the interior has co-opted the industrial style in the last decade, especially in the factories-apartments transformed into luxury. And while the retro look is coveted, dated technology is not. This light gives you the vibrancy while staying modern. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, which can be completely reduced and does not require a hub. And despite the historical vibrations if triggered, this bulb is an eco-friendly LED. It only uses 8 watts to deliver a brilliant glow of 800 lumens - Edison has never seen it coming.

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