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The best smart thermostats compatible with Apple HomeKit

The best smart thermostats compatible with Apple HomeKit


Why are you interested in having a smart thermostat

We are used to having the home air conditioning system connected to a thermostat that can be limited to temperature control and little else. The big disadvantage is that to control it you always have to do a physical interaction with it. This can be easily solved with smart thermostats that are connected to the internet and therefore to the iPhone. This way, control is made much easier by the fact that you can control it from any corner of the house and with a much more intuitive interface to understand what you are doing at any time.

Smart thermostats also offer many other functions that will allow you to have absolute control over the air conditioning in your home. In addition to being able to adjust the temperature, you can adjust the start and stop times with a number of routines. In addition, some models may allow it to start when you approach the house or when you leave work, so that when it arrives it is at the most suitable temperature. Finally, all these systems, in addition to helping to improve user comfort, will also allow much better adjustment of energy consumption through absolute control over all these parameters.

To this we must add that, when it comes to thermostats compatible with HomeKit, everything is much easier. This means that the connection is made by integrating with the Apple ecosystem and control is done through the “Home” application. In this way, the interface is much more intuitive and is synchronized with all products. In addition, it can always be controlled by voice commands due to Siri’s intelligence.

HomeKit compatible thermostats

Thermostat Tado

With this thermostat you will be able to control the cell wherever you are to save energy and energy consumption. It works through different accessories of the same brand that can be connected to both radiators or even windows. This is one of its great qualities, as it is able to detect at any time when a window is opened to turn off the heating system and restart it as soon as they are closed again. In this way, energy waste is saved in any case.

To this we must add the possibility to use the geolocation of the iPhone itself to activate or deactivate the boiler when you get home. It should be noted that this thermostat is compatible with the vast majority of boilers that do not include a water tank and are connected by wiring at home. This also facilitates installation.



This thermostat is distinguished by the “Auto-Adapt” function. In this way, the device can take into account the temperature data of the outside, as well as the thermal characteristics of the inside to have the best information to adapt the ideal temperature. To this is added the fact of using different programs when leaving home and even anti-ice when it is too cold in your house.

Netatmo is complete with HomeKit. It allows you to perform all these actions through various voice commands with the help of Siri. This will allow you to control from anywhere in the house and on any of your devices in the Apple ecosystem.



This thermostat stands out for its great simplicity. In addition to the fact that it can be controlled through its own mobile, it also stands out by the fact that it has a physical design that greatly facilitates its physical interaction. It allows you to save a lot of energy thanks to its intelligent functions, being able to use different technologies, such as geolocation of the iPhone, to determine if you are at home and keep the boiler running or to stop it until you turn around or are close.

Added to this is the fact that it is fully programmable with your routines so that the thermostat adapts to your lifestyle. It should also be borne in mind that these programs can respond to make the entire air conditioning system work when the kW of light is cheaper. This adds to an extremely simple installation system.

Eve Thermo

Eve valve

In this case, the thermostat is a simple smart valve that can be installed in each of the radiators in your home. It is connected via HomeKit to intelligently control the temperature by opening and closing the valve according to the parameters you enter through the Home application or using the tactile controls of the valve itself.

Thanks to HomeKit, they can be easily controlled from Apple TV, HomePod and, of course, the iPhone itself. If the rest of the accessories are included, such as the open window detector, you will always know when it can be connected or not to avoid wasting energy.

Other thermostats with iPhone applications

Unfortunately, not all home automation accessories are integrated with the Apple ecosystem. Although, some of the smart thermostats have an app available in the App Store, where you can find these markers at any time in a simple way. Unfortunately, the ability to control by voice commands with Siri is sacrificed, but the rest remains intact.

Google Nest

Google Nest

A product developed by Google itself, which has a minimalist design, but it lacks nothing. The thermostat can be left in automatic mode so that it can be turned on or off to help you save energy and integrates with the rest of the home automation devices you have in the house, although you should always check compatibility. It integrates a high resolution screen so you can see all the necessary information at any time.

The control can be done through the Nest application. This allows the necessary settings to be made in the on and off programming. In addition, you can also check the energy savings you will have due to the fact that this thermostat works in your home.




This boiler thermostat for your home will allow you to save energy by geolocating your iPhone so that your home heats up automatically or the temperature drops when you leave your home. It will also analyze your consumption at any time to determine detailed schedules. In addition, you can choose the desired model for either electric heating or the classic gas boiler.

All this is done by applying the brand that has a very good interface. And, despite not being compatible with HomeKit, it can be synced with Alexa and Google Home to control the temperature from anywhere and, as I said before, to send geolocation wherever you are.

Meross valve


Replace the radiator valve for this Meross model, which eliminates the need to go through the boiler. It includes three temperature levels, which are heating, cooling and economy. In addition, also try to avoid energy costs at any time, being able to turn off the radiator if the windows are open, as long as you have other Meross sensors in the frames.

All this can be controlled via the official Meross application, where other home automation products can be integrated. From here you can adjust various parameters, such as temperature, or you can choose the consumption program you need to constantly control the heat in your home.



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With a fairly modern design, this thermostat can control all the radiators in the house by connecting to the central gas boiler. It provides a lot of information, such as UV intensity and fully programmable, to have absolute control of energy consumption and to have a fully customizable experience.

This product can be controlled from an application to edit parameters wherever you are. By connecting via WiFi you can decide when you want the boiler to start working, ideal when you are on the couch or returning from work.

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