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The best wifi to prevent accessories from falling and becoming “Unadapted”

Currently, I have an AirPort Extreme router and the accessories become “Not Responsive” every day. Normally, these are my Koogeek bulbs, but I also dropped other accessories.

I think the culprit is that my wifi is not strong enough to go through the whole house. 3 floors with basement and approximately 2800 sqm.

Can anyone shed light on my assumption? If I’m wrong and my wifi should be enough, can someone provide indicators to prevent devices from crashing?

Secondly, if IT is wifi, I’m looking to switch to mesh. Eero looks good and I see that a lot of people here love them – but they’re dual band, so I’m concerned about the real speed I’m going to get out of them. Netgear Orbi looks better in tri band, but the cost is even more.

Thanks in advance, just try to make HomeKit work the way I know it can!