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The Eufy interior room is not available remotely

The Eufy interior room is not available remotely

I only have one Eufy Indoor 2K camera in my house. The camera firmware is up to date and I was able to add it seamlessly to the HomeKit. In the HomeKit settings, I set the camera streaming to “off” when one of the home users (me and my wife) is home and “broadcast” when we’re both gone. Both phones are on iOS 14 and we use two Apple TVs (one 4k and one non-4k) as HomeKit hubs.

When we leave home together, my wife will quickly receive a notification from the Home application that the camera has switched to “stream” mode as intended. I am not receiving a similar notification, although I have enabled status change notifications. My wife can then remotely see the flow of the camera, either on cellular data or on a remote wifi network.

However, the camera remains in “off” mode for me ** UNTIL ** I connect to a remote wifi network. When I connect to a remote wifi network, I will suddenly receive a late notification that the camera status has changed and streaming will be available to me. I’ve verified that I’m sending my location from my device to the iCloud menu and that cellular data and location services are enabled for the Home app.

Because I’m finally able to use a remote stream and receive status change notifications (though only on a remote wifi network), there seems to be an obscure setting somewhere that affects my ability to do so. via cellular data. I was not able to find him and any help that anyone can offer is much appreciated.