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The Eve application does not automatically improve the temperature while using Eve Thermo

Hi =) I will try to describe my case. So, I have 3 Eve Thermo, 1 for each room. We have set up similar automations for each of these, which are the following:

Trigger -> 1) Current temperature – any
2) The current state of cooling of the heating – heat

Contents -> Current temperature – => 24 ° C

Action -> Eve Off scenes

I also use Pushcut to receive notification when the automation is done. Now, about this problem, it seems that the Eve application does not update (or with an unclear interval) the temperature status, which means it is heating, but the temperature in the Home application remains the same until I manually update the application Eve, so break the automation. Sometimes I see the temperature 21 ° (which was at the beginning of the heating) and when it refreshes it looks 26 °, and only then does the automation work, which is not what I expect, I expect it to stop at 24 ° without a manual update.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas? He would be very grateful.