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The LG TV cannot be turned on by the IKEA button, while it works for everything else

The LG TV cannot be turned on by the IKEA button, while it works for everything else

The LG TV cannot be turned on by the IKEA

* EDIT: OK, so this has been resolved in a very, very Tradfri style. When I woke up, it worked. I don’t know how. Now the Tradfri button turns on the TV instantly, along with the rest of that shortcut. Thank you for all your help, I appreciate your time. * I also consider it a HomeKit issue, as the Tradfri shortcut button works for any other commands (including controlling Tradfri lights and even turning off the same LG TV). I have an LG OLED (model 2021) used exclusively with an Apple TV 4K (first generation) and a Tradfri gateway with several lights, remote controls, sockets and some Tradfri shortcut buttons. The LG TV is properly added to the HomeKit house, the status is displayed, I can control the HK inputs on the iPhone. The LG TV has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wake-up enabled. I would like to use the Tradfri button to activate my entire AV system, which includes a Denon stereo amplifier that is not smart and needs to be turned on through the Tradfri socket. So I have to use automation, a shortcut, which the Tradfri button should start. Since, unfortunately, there is no option in the shortcuts of the Tradfri button to add the item “Wake Apple TV” (as in the full application for shortcuts) – which would solve the problem via HDMI CEC and turn on the TV LG – I have to use the “Turn on the TV” item (and then turn on the amplifier socket Tradfri). But when I press the Tradfri button, nothing happens to the TV. When I place the Tradfri socket controls before the TV Start command, they run fine, but the TV does not turn on and the shortcut eventually expires. Everything else works, just turning on the TV doesn’t work. The Tradfri button is probably not defective, the HK application recognizes that it is pressed. And the button also works to turn off the TV, when it is already turned on by the CEC or LG remote control of the ATV remote control. I tried both Wi-Fi and Ethernet on the TV. Both the ATV and the Tradfri gateway are on Ethernet cables connected to the same router as the LG TV. There is no other router or switch connected. So is there any way to make this work? Or simply a way to add the “Wake Apple TV” command to the button shortcut sequence, as it is in the appropriate shortcut app? Many thanks in advance.

[Screenshot of the Button’s shortcut sequence](

[Screenshot of proper Shortcuts App, where Wake Apple TV command exists unlike on HK Button’s shortcuts](