The most important HomeKit gadgets in 2021

Cupertino, October 7, 2021

The Apple HomeKit is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to control a wide variety of compatible devices, such as baby monitors and locks.

"From connecting a few gadgets to designing a completely smart home system, HomeKit is a perfect way to control your home through an app or even voice commands via Siri - all you need is an Apple phone, a tablet or a laptop and a pre-installed application called Home, ”says the founder of, adding that with a market share of 37% in the Netherlands, 47 in the US and 29 in the UK, Apple has won well and truly smart device users.

"Better once you have your gadgets set up, you can create automations so that your devices work at specific times or scenes where you can control a number of devices at the same time," he continues.

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HomeKit | Apple page overview

Are you ready to revolutionize your home with Apple? Here are some of the most important smart home gadgets to get you started.

Apple TV 4K

second generation apple tv 4k siri remote 9to5mac
Apple TV 4K

An excellent alternative to a Wi-Fi connection device, such as an iPhone or iPad, Apple TVs can be used not only to watch your favorite movies, but also to control your HomeKit devices via a remote control or Siri. The TV has an intuitive home screen and supports 4K HDR content. It can also be integrated with your iPhone.

Smart Lock Wi-Fi August

August Wi Fi Smart Lock
Smart Lock Wi-Fi August

If you're like me, you probably woke up worried about locking the front door at the wrong time - it often happens when you're trying to fall asleep. This is where Smart Lock Wi-Fi August can be useful. Instead of getting up to check the security of your home, ease your anxiety by asking Siri if the door is locked. Wi-Fi enabled lock is compact and easy to use. Best of all, it allows you to lock and unlock the door with voice commands.

Chamberlain myQ Garage garage door

myq hub 2
Chamberlain myQ Garage garage door

Thinking of a remote garage door remote is a thing of the past with the myQ Chamberlain garage door opener. This is because this device can open and close your garage door to voice command with the help of Siri. Easy to set up, the gadget has a sensor and a Wi-Fi compatible hub. Once you have sent the command via your smartphone, it is sent to the hub, which then passes it to the sensor that prompts the door to open or close.

Baby Arlo Monitor

netgear arlo baby 00810 100701356 large
Baby Arlo Monitor

Ideal for monitoring your baby or pet, this compact device produces high-quality videos that can be viewed on your TV or smartphone. In addition, it comes with other features such as color-changing lights, lullabies and air quality sensors.

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