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The Netatmo smart carbon monoxide alarm keeps your home protected for 10 years

The Netatmo smart carbon monoxide alarm keeps your home protected for 10 years

The Netatmo smart carbon monoxide alarm keeps your home protected for 10 years

Netatmo has expanded its range of smart home appliances with a carbon monoxide alarm.

In some ways, it sounds like the smallest intelligent carbon monoxide detector. Although HomeKit is compatible, it does not require a hub to operate, allowing you to use it without other Netatmo equipment.

The battery lasts the entire life of the indoor CO sensor, 10 years. This maximum lifespan is common to all these detectors, smart or not, because the components degrade over time.

And while an older one might work in practice, manufacturers like Netatmo should be able to say for sure that they are reliable for their evaluated service window.

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Its basic feature is, of course, the same as the one you will find in cheaper, basic CO detectors. It has a powerful alarm of 85 decibels that tells you to leave the house.

The difference between Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Alarm is that it will send you a notification using the Wi-Fi connection if it detects CO and you are not at home. Its regular automatic self-test also highlights any hardware issues if the battery is about to discharge.

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It may seem expensive at first at £ 99.99 (US price of TB), but spending is a much smaller issue for most when you consider its usefulness for a decade.

A Netatmo carbon monoxide alarm also looks much more attractive on the wall than most standard CO detectors.

Nest Protect is perhaps the best known alternative. It has a wider set of features, as it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, but its battery-powered version uses AA cells, which take about five years to replace.

Netatmo instead chooses to split smoke and CO detection on two devices. It has launched Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm since 2017, which again has a 10-year battery.

Why separate them? While a multi-sensor device is preferred in many homes, some cameras that fit a CO detector will lead to too frequent alarms from a smoke detector.

None of these alarms require a professional installation, unless you are particularly bad at DIY. It has mounting points on the back and you get two screws and a pair of dowels in the box.

You can pre-order a £ 99.99 Netatmo carbon monoxide alarm today from the company’s own store for delivery starting November 16th.