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The parade of Wyze products continues with a smart switch and an adjustable white bulb

The parade of Wyze products continues with a smart switch and an adjustable white bulb

Just a day after unveiling a pedestal and a solar panel, prolific smart home maker Wyze is back with a pair of new devices: a smart switch and an adjustable white smart light bulb.

Available for pre-order in white starting today, the Wyze switch will ship as a package of three in December for $ 32.99 plus shipping. Wyze adds that the unique packages of the new switch are “coming soon”.

Meanwhile, a pack of four of Wyze Bulb White will start shipping next month for $ 31.99, pre-orders starting today.

Wyze switch

Wyze’s first smart switch is a one-button model that works with both standard and Wyze bulbs. The switch can be installed in configurations with one, two, three and four groups, but requires a neutral wire.

switch wyze 3 Wyze

The Wyze switch can be installed in multi-group configurations, but requires a neutral wire.

Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT, the Wyze switch offers both Wi-Fi connectivity (only 2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2 and, like other Wyze lighting products, does not require a hub.

A single press of the Wyze switch turns the lights on and off, while other functions (including the ability to control other Wyze devices) can be assigned to double, triple, or press and hold. There is also a status light in the upper right corner of the switch.

Using the Wyze app, you can set programs and timers for switching, while a vacation mode can help fool potential criminals into believing you’re home. However, the Wyze switch’s trick bag lacks power monitoring.

White Wyze Bec

In the wake of the Wyze Bulb earlier this year, the Wyze Bulb White is essentially a renovation of the two-year-old Wyze bulb. Wyze says that Bulb White has a color rendering index of over 90 (or CRI, an evaluation that indicates color accuracy on light-illuminated objects) compared to the Wyze bulb, and that the newer bulb becomes weaker and easier to use. . set up.

bec wyze alb Wyze

A renewal of the original Wyze bulb, the white Wyze bulb is both adjustable and adjustable and can be grouped with other Wyze bulbs.

Equipped with a standard E26 base, this A19-style dimmable bulb can be adjusted from a warm temperature of 2700 Kelvin to a cool natural light temperature of 6500K.

With the Wyze app, you can group Bulb White with other Wyze bulbs, and you can also set up programs, timers, and sleep routines.

A new Sun Match mode automatically adjusts the white temperature of the light bulb according to the time of day, while a holiday mode (similar to the one for the Wyze switch) helps to fool passers-by into thinking you’re home.

Wyze Bulb White is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT and supports both Wi-Fi (only 2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth connectivity, with no hubs required.

We will have reviews for both the Wyze switch and the white Wyze bulb, once we spend time with some test units.

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