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The rooms on HomeKit / HKSV are a bust

The rooms on HomeKit / HKSV are a bust

I recently bought the Eufy 2C cameras with high hopes for HomeKit Secure Video and all the goodies that iOS14 would bring. But honestly I was very disappointed for a few reasons:

* He doesn’t recognize anyone’s face except for me and my wife and only sometimes ours (despite the fact that I have many photos in my library to compare).
* Does not always lift the movement correctly, resulting in looking at someone’s back as they move away, rather than seeing them approach.
* I haven’t seen a single notification on Apple TV (which I’m looking forward to).
* Overall, I found it to be unreliable for recording motion events, whether it’s set to human or anything.

I assume (or hope) that it will improve over time. But for now I bypass it and just use the Eufy app instead, where I have significantly more options for setting up and using features. HomeKit is mostly connected, but unused, except for the occasional viewing of the cameras via the TV. The rooms are truly fantastic outside of the HomeKit ecosystem.

It’s just me? Do others have this problem? As far as I know, everything is connected and configured properly. It just doesn’t seem to do what advertising does.