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Theory: Apple Tag Band – Slap Band with integrated U1 chip

Theory: Apple Tag Band – Slap Band with integrated U1 chip

Theory Apple Tag Band Slap Band with integrated U1

[There’s a weird scene in the iPhone 12 commercial]( ending with a guy pulling a band on his wrist, just as you can with a [slap bracelet](Https://

It’s the last “click” in a series of clicks: removing the iPhone from the magsafe charger, attaching to the case and attaching to the wallet. [The scene ends with a clear shot of the iPhone with case and wallet, and the band.]( The device looks distinctly Apple: it seems to have a similar finish to the Apple Watch sports bands.

Recently, there have been rumors that Apple is working on internal GPS tracking using its U1 chip. By using a base station, such as a Homepod or an Apple TV, and a personal device, such as an Apple Watch or an iPhone, it will be able to track the exact location in the house. This allows for even smarter home automation.

But what about the guests? Or what if you don’t always want to wear your iPhone and not have an Apple Watch?

It’s probably a long shot, but the bracelet featured in the iPhone 12 video made me think that Apple is working on an alternative. What if you could beat a bracelet like this and enjoy all the benefits of the vending machine? It is already working on AirTags, which should work in a similar way, using the U1 chip as well.

It probably won’t happen, but it’s fun to think about.