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Tips for placing devices in the basement

Tips for placing devices in the basement

Hey, community, I saw you’re in the wrong switch and network, so I have a question:

I plan to renovate a three-storey mansion, each floor of 150 sqm.

I will adopt modoff sonoff dual r2 (WiFi devices – compatible with HomeKit) to drive the wall switches and to turn on and off the lights in the mansion.

To avoid any weak WiFi signal problems in the large property, I plan to install them all in an electrical wall cabinet, along with the switch and router.

I plan to install 40 of them, more or less. Do you think I could have WiFi interference between the 40 sonoff devices, putting them all in one electrical cabinet?

The ultimate goal is to have the strongest WiFi signal possible, avoiding ANSWER and being able to have them in one place for maintenance reasons!