Ultimate Smart Switch for Hue Lights / Smart Lights

Cupertino, January 31, 2021

Sorry for bad English beforehand. English is not my mother tongue. I had seen this topic discussing several times about people deciding what to do on switches if they had a Philips Hue / Smart Downlight, and most suggested connecting wires permanently and mounting a Hue Dimmer switch on it. However, while renovating the house, my family members are against the idea of ​​permanently connecting electricity to the Hue Downlight luminaires, as they consider the option to switch them to bulbs that are not smart in the future and solve the problems. it would be difficult. And they hated the idea of ​​using batteries on a wall switch. After my research, I originally wanted Lutron, but did not support SEA switching sockets. I found out about this company called Terncy from China that makes these smart switches through the Apple Store in China and I bought them through a transshipment company. # TLDR: THESE SWITCHES ASSIST THE STARTING AND PERMANENT STOPPING OF THE APPLICATION CIRCUIT - AND THE BUTTONS BECOME PROGRAMMABLE IN HOMEKIT. *** I have been using these switches for about two years and I would like to do a sincere long-term review of them: *** The switches come in a 4-band switch. The price difference is minimal and ALL come with four buttons. If you buy the 1-band model, the three buttons would be programmable switches in Homekit. However, because all buttons support a relay function to keep the power on permanently, if you need 3 bands (fans, lights, lights) and buy a 4-lane switch, you can use the app to stop and change the last Gang at a programmable button. The surface of the switches is matte in texture. I installed about 30 of them in my house and they look very nice. However, the defect is that because they are white, once they get dirty, it becomes very difficult to clean. I gave my feedback and was told that the new series has a more stain resistant finish, however I could not comment on this. Switch boards are replaceable and several color options are available. I like the new gray color they just released, but when I bought mine it wasn't available 🙁 It connects via Zigbee 3.0 to their hub (which also works as an airplay 2 adapter - you can put an auxiliary cable and an airplay on a speaker) and Bluetooth (it's 2021, please don't use Bluetooth) and they are very responsive and reliable during these two years.I am so happy with the reliability and responsiveness ... to control my AKA garage automatically and gave up RF remotes and have never failed me once in the last two years.Personally, I felt that reliability and responsiveness should be the main and most important consideration when I choose an accessory for a connected house.This promise.I don't have too many complaints about their switches, however, if I choose something on them: their application is not very well polished compared to Hue.Some of the interface elements are Designed for Chinese, so some texts are a bstructed. There are little hiccups here and there, but nothing of major concern and I mostly use Homekit - I only use the app to update and set up certain automations (because it's faster). Therefore, it was not a major nuisance. The app does not require an account to set up and start using, supports Connect to Apple WITHOUT asking for your phone number, and I was informed by the developer that it adds an option to completely block the hub's internet access application late 2020, however, I think the function was delayed due to the pandemic. They also support Google home LOCAL control - so it's faster compared to some devices that need to call the server. Overall, I think they are excellent, affordable switches and support the EU / UK / South East Asia standard socket. They are now available on Aliexpress. Some of the videos I recorded: Sensitivity testing: [https://youtu.be/e3vPL5OqyT4](https://youtu.be/e3vPL5OqyT4) Permanent power with Hue Downlight: [https://youtu.be/ua7foIMdugI](https://youtu.be/ua7foIMdugI) Shade lights that respond to the state of the gate (with the door sensor): [https://youtu.be/UQV2US6nkb4](https://youtu.be/UQV2US6nkb4) Opening the garage door, also called autogate: [https://youtu.be/QadOyAiXZSU](https://youtu.be/QadOyAiXZSU) I have gained so much knowledge from this community and I would like to share some of my journey with you. I am happy to answer any question.

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