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Ultion – GPS – beginner

Ultion – GPS – beginner

Hi all,

I’m very new to the HomeKit (HK) ecosystem and I was wondering a few general things.

The main thing is to deal with the Ultion Smart Lock that I have, but the problems can be solved once I have an HK hub.

I’m waiting for the iPad to use it as a hub, how does GPS or proximity automation work? The Ultion Smart Lock I have is very basic in the box for HK and it is a pain. Once I have the hub can I automatically unlock based on GPS location and other things? This is not a feature of the HK system for locking out of the box.

As it stands, I have to manually unlock it through the app when I’m at the front door, which means I can use the key just as well!

I’m sorry if this is very basic, but I’m very new!