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Unable to set up automatic unlock in August app

Unable to set up automatic unlock in August app

Having the weirdest problem with August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th generation). I have a third generation Pro on another door that works perfectly, but the back door has less room for a lock, so I went with the smaller 4th generation model.

However, when I try to set up Auto Unlock (which works perfectly in my other August), the page just doesn’t open for me. Whenever I click Automatic Unlock on the August App Lock Settings page, it only takes me to the auto lock settings. It’s the weirdest thing! Has anyone experienced this before? I also contacted the support in August, but I haven’t heard yet.

On another note – this lock is always displayed as Unanswered in the Home application. The August app sees it very well and is actually closer to my home hub than is the other August lock (which again works perfectly). Has anyone found a way to make it work consistently with HomeKit?

Thank you in advance.