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Under the cabinet LEDs

Under the cabinet LEDs

I have new cabinets that go in the kitchen soon and well after the cabinets were bought, paid for and delivered to the closet, people kindly informed me about the following:

The cabinets I ordered when I specifically said “I want these exact cabinets, exactly the color and style displayed here with the lights under the closet” didn’t actually come with the lights mentioned below.

Since I go through such lengths to incorporate as much HomeKit technology as possible, where does it make sense, what are my HomeKit options under cabinet lights?

1. I don’t look at Hue. I really don’t want to add another ecosystem
2. I do not oppose HomeBridge solutions, as I already use generic LED strips and MagicHome controllers elsewhere.

So, throw something in there that works with HomeKit in a way that won’t even break my bank.