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Users report some original “bricks” of HomePods with software update 14.6

Users report some original “bricks” of HomePods with software update 14.6

The 14.6 release version of the HomePod operating system would be “bricking” some devices in certain configurations – especially when paired with an Apple TV.

HomePods seem to fail after software update 14.6
HomePods seem to fail after software update 14.6

User reports are looking for similar issues caused by the beta version 15.0 software. Only the original large HomePod is affected and usually when connected as an Apple TV stereo pair.

A Reddit user has more than 19 HomePods at home, and seven of them have been bricked. The user says that three are in the launch version and four are in beta, but all failed.

one 9to5Mac the reader said that the oldest speaker in a stereo pair failed after the upgrade to 14.6. HomePod was connected in stereo with another to an Apple TV for audio.

Another Reddit post said they encountered the same problem as 9to5Mac reader. One of the speakers in the pair abruptly stopped working after the upgrade to 14.6.

Although these are just a few reports, there is a falling pattern. HomePod stereo pairs, especially those connected to Apple TV, have at least one of the brick speakers after the upgrade.

AppleInsider staff report all normal operations of their HomePods in various configurations. I haven’t seen any issues with the HomePods themselves or the bricking, although some report issues with tvOS 14.6 related to AirPlay.

The problem does not seem to be widespread and could especially affect older models. AppleInsider will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as any new information is discovered.

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