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Using the Eve app instead of the native iOS home

Using the Eve app instead of the native iOS home

Hi all

Quite new to the HomeKit scene, I have a few Phillips lights / sensors and a smart button to play with. However, I notice that the native HomeKit iOS application is very limited when it comes to things like buttons and button presses. There is a one-click option with my hue button. If I use the Hue application, I still have a few options, but I can’t start any other non-Hue automation.

I received the eve app and it looks much better and offers much more control over all HomeKit compatible devices as well as some of my home bridge bits. Lots more conditioned options, which is great. For example, I set my hue button to turn my lamp on and off in the living room (easy to do in the hue app I know for a simple start and stop), but I also have some conditions that say if it’s gone , say 22:00 during the week are normally off at bedtime, so then turn everything off from the living room from the TV to the phone chargers etc. I was thinking of getting a HomePod to add the ease of voice automation to replace Alexa, but pressing this button can secure my house pretty much after I’ve added a few things to the scene I’m creating.

Is the eve app one of the best apps to use for all things HomeKit? I don’t even have eve equipment, but the app works very well, I have to say.