Velux Skylight Gateway and remote pairing with HomeKit: How to make it work

Cupertino, October 4, 2023

We received a set of Velux solar skylights with wireless remote controls plus Velux Active gateway with Netatmo. The remotes came pre-paired and worked well. The gateway is supposed to enable app and HomeKit support, but the instructions on it are incorrect and the instructions provided by Velux support were also wrong. I've been stuck for two weeks and haven't found anything useful from searching, so here's what I've put together to get it working with HomeKit and Siri. My advice is to connect everything using HomeKit directly **Don't download the app: you don't need it and the instructions it gives you don't work**. If you've already tried this, I recommend resetting everything first (if you have a new setup, you can probably skip these steps): ​ 1. Delete the Velux Active app from your phone 2. Delete the Velux gateway from HomeKit ( Settings Home -> Home Hubs and Bridges) 3. Factory Reset Gateway 1. Press and hold the wheel button until the light flashes red, then release and press once. Wait for the LED to flash white 4. Reset each KLI 31x switch 1. Close the skylight completely with the remote 2. Using a paperclip, press and hold the speed button for one second, then the pair button (two rectangles) for one second 3. Verify that the switch no longer operates the skylight 5. Re-associate each switch to the skylight (this is a pain) 1. Remove the screen and make sure the skylight is on and fully closed 2. If you go straight from the power switch you will see two holes. Insert a paperclip to the left of these holes and press the button until the skylight starts to move. It will open a little and then close 3. On the remote you want to pair, press the pairing button for three seconds, then the middle button for three seconds, then the bottom button for three seconds 4. Check that the remote activate the skylight now, unless you do the above again. You should now have each skylight working with a remote and the gateway should be reset. Then you'll connect the remotes to the gateway and get them into HomeKit. The gateway should be within WiFi range of your router, the gateway and remote controls should be within operating range of the skylight, and the remote controls should be right next to the gateway.​ 1. Access the instructions here: []( 2. Start with Step 1 "HomeKit Setup". This will connect the gateway to the router and Homekit 1. You may need to try this a few times. If it doesn't work at first, turn the gateway on and off, restart your phone and try again 2. Check that your gateway appears in HomeKit (Home Settings -> Home Hubs and Bridges) 3. Now go to Step 2b "Pairing Using a One-Way Remote". **No** Step 3 for Home Switches! 1. I strongly recommend pairing **multiple** remotes at once. I tried pairing two and they ended up either linked together 2. Hold down the speed button on the remote control until the skylight opens and then starts to close again 1. The skylight will immediately start to open when you press it. **Do not release the button at this time.* * Hold it until it opens and then starts to close again, about 15-20 seconds 3. Place the remote control next to the gateway and press and hold the wheel button on the gateway until the gateway light starts flashing blue, about 10 seconds 4. Leave the remote control near the gateway until the blue light stops flashing (about one minute). The remote should now be paired 5. Wait a few minutes and then open the Home app, the skylight should now appear in "Default Camera" 1. If it doesn't, try Step 3 in this section 2. If it still doesn't work , reset and pair the remote control (Steps 4 and 5 in the previous section), and then try again from Step 3 in this section. When you're done, the skylights should all appear in the Home app. You can rename and automate them, control and check status using the Home app or Siri. This may all sound like voodoo, but it was the only way I could get this to work consistently. If you try to follow the instructions online, in the app, or from support, I tell you to put the remotes into pairing mode by removing and reinstalling the batteries. This is completely wrong for KLI 31x and doesn't work. But even if you follow the correct procedures, everything seems super sketchy and inconsistent in my experience. Anyway, I hope this saves someone the frustration I've been dealing with for the past two weeks

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