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Very rare offer HomePod mini saves you 10% for Black Friday

Very rare offer HomePod mini saves you 10% for Black Friday

Very rare offer HomePod mini saves you 10% for Black Friday

Of all the Apple offerings we follow, discounts on HomePods are the rarest. Throughout the year, Apple smart speakers remain at their full price range at almost every retailer and really see savings only in the form of packages. This is what makes this 10% discount on the Staples HomePod mini so appealing.

Up to $ 89, save $ 10, which is the biggest direct price drop we’ve seen for the HomePod mini since its launch last year. Because HomePods are so rare, this may be the best Black Friday HomePod offer we’ve seen this holiday season. Shipping is also free.

Apple’s HomePod mini offers powerful sound, Siri, HomeKit support, intercom and more. It is packaged in a small form factor and may not be so loud or so clear for its size. We were full of praise for the small speaker in our HomePod mini review that you should read in its entirety if you are not yet determined whether to choose one.

HomePod mini sees a rare direct drop in price

HomePod mini is a truly versatile product, and its small size contradicts its power. If you are all-in with Apple products at home, it is the perfect choice. It would be a great gift for any Apple Music user or for anyone with Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and more.

For a speaker of this size, the audio experience is rich, balanced and never distorts, no matter how loud you take it. You can also pair two HomePod mini speakers for stereo sound or even use them as an output for Apple TV for a more immersive movie viewing experience.

In addition to sounding great, the HomePod mini is a fully functional HomeKit smart speaker, which means you can use it to interact with Siri and smart home accessories. If you have not yet set up any smart home equipment, now is a great time to start with the various Black Friday HomeKit offers available before the holidays.

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