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View the Logitech Bricked circle

Hi Reddit,

I was hoping that the Apple HomeKit would give me better experiences than in the past and I bought 4 Logitech Circle View cameras to replace the Wyze cameras around the house. Everything worked evenly for Homekit for about a week, but then 3 of the cams gave up Wifi and did not reconnect. I tried to restart the cams, the router and the Home Hub – several times and in various combinations. Hours and hours accidentally trying different things. I’m tired of Wifi and Homekit issues, so I ordered a new Unifi system to replace my network from scratch. However…

After removing the cameras from Homekit, I wanted to try adding them again. I followed the instructions to reset, the light turns green, but the cameras will not be found by HomeKit. Then the light turns blue in the Circle view, which is nowhere to be found in the online documentation or reference. This is 100% repeatable. So I have 3 Logitech bricks. If only Apple would actually allow diagnostics on Homekit devices.

I’m so fed up with HomeKit that I want to throw things away. Simple light switches are much safer, much more reliable and have no latency. But … I’m used to my cameras and now I’m blind. How do I reset these things so that I can successfully add them to the HomeKit?