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“View TV settings” doesn’t work?

“View TV settings” doesn’t work?

I added a TV to the HomeKit (Sony XG9505), it seems to work as far as I can turn it on / off and change the inputs – however, if you long press on the TV tile and select “View TV settings”, then everything it does displays a message on TV:
“Do you allow mobile devices to turn on this TV?” with the “Allow” and “Do not allow” options.

Selecting Allow and the pop-up window disappears, but subsequent taps in the HomeKit for “View TV settings” display the same message repeatedly, in fact you can’t access the TV settings.

Is this behavior expected? I can’t say that I mainly have to bring the settings from HomeKit, but I would like it to work correctly, anyway!

I also don’t have status information displayed by the TV in HomeKit, so I’m wondering if it’s just bugs or if I didn’t add them correctly.