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We can get a “window cover / options” thread …

We can get a “window cover / options” thread …

We can get a "window cover / options" thread ...

After a long search for what to do with my big sliding rear door, I ended up buying / installing an Aqara b1 engine and curtain rail. I still need a new curtain, but I was delighted with the end result. This made me think / want to update / update more windows.

What are our options either native homekit (ideal) or good experiences with homebridge plugins. I will start…..

Lutron Serena- Lutron is solid, but Serena is expensive. He reached two dealers, he never heard from him again. Lots of options

Hunter Douglas – expensive, a local dealer quoted me 1100 for the back door. Lots of options

IKEA – sounds less expensive, but limited widths

Smart shades and tilts Soma – options to adapt your existing shades – limited – unofficial hk

Leviosa Shades – I saw someone here mention them, a good answer, it seemed less expensive than the hunter and Serena.

There are a few more here that I haven’t analyzed:

Any cool homebridge apps?

It would be great to build a more extensive list of options, so please add!