what do i choose All help is appreciated

Cupertino, December 9, 2021

I want better rooms. I kept reading and became more confused. I'm not an IT professional. I have a HomePod, some Wemo plugs, and a Wyze camera. The Wyze camera was cool at first, but it's time to upgrade. I want something that is safe and works. My main wish is that I can easily watch a 24-hour recording, if necessary. Something in which my video is not on an incomplete server. And you can access live videos in the Apple Home app. I don't want a subscription. I can't (at the moment) get too confused with my Ethernet ports because I live in an apartment. The perfect world. I would build a new house tomorrow with Ethernet ports in every room and outside my house, on every corner then. No need for an external room or ringtone now (apartment) The options we've considered so far are: Aqara: sounds light, adds to the Apple house, the Aqara app is not required to use HKSV and lit room. Can I still upgrade without the third-party app? I like G2H, but I was wondering about the micro SD slot. Can I use HKSV for the 10 free recordings a day and micro SD to watch all day if needed? Can I take it out, connect it to my Mac, and watch it all day? Are there any security risks with this brand or camera? Unifi: a little off budget and too complex, but willing to invest and learn if this is the perfect solution. Dream machine pro now, with only one access point to replace the router and we hope you are lucky and get some G3 moments? I know they're exhausted all the time, but I'd love to buy as much as I can. After I move, I would use the controller, AP, wifi cameras as a start and I would buy the switch with externally mounted POE cameras and more APs. Reolink or Amcrest wifi cameras with Synology NAS as NVR: maybe DS220 +? I'm confused about the "docker" because I've heard that it's not as simple a process as another homebridge system. E1 Pro for Reolink or ip4m-1041/51 for amcrest. Amcrest / Reolink have an NVR which is good? My biggest confusion is that the NVR can work with HomeKit through something as simple as homebridge and is the NVR safe? So, it records videos, saving to hard drives, while it can view live in the home application. Is this data broadcast on a server other than Apple in the process? It seems that Synology NVR can be accessed anywhere, meaning that these files are protected on the Internet only by an authentication? I just want an alert, something that happens, the ability to watch live, and if it's serious, I can play the video once I'm at home on the computer. I understand that HKSV is a completely different story from recording the event in the app, but I think you can still receive an alert only from a homebridge to the HomeKit. If the alert is correct, that's all I need to open the live stream and see what happens. What would you guys recommend? I think Aqara might be the most cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for my current situation, but I'm open to all ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I'm glad to hear what you think is the best solution.

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