What does Apple HomeKit support from Eero 6 mean for Amazon devices?

Cupertino, July 1, 2021

We will examine what Amazon means by adding HomeKit support to the line of eero 6 routers for the future of its ecosystem.

Amazon eero update

Recently, Amazon added Apple HomeKit support to its eero 6 and eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi mesh router lines.

The change, which Amazon completed by updating the firmware, now allows HomeKit users to control a few additional security features for their IoT devices. But what does this change mean for other Amazon devices in the future? Let's explore some of the possibilities.

Why did Amazon add HomeKit support for Eero 6 routers?

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In a word: security. With the new update, eero 6 and eero Pro 6 users can now use HomeKit to block smart home accessories from communicating with external internet and other network devices. HomeKit users can also screen trusted internet services to prevent IoT hackers.

HomeKit currently offers three levels of device security:

Limited to home: This means that devices can only interact with the HomeKit through an Apple device without additional internet access. This level of protection means that some issues, such as firmware updates, may not work.

Automatic: Which allows both HomeKit access and access only to the connections recommended by the manufacturer. This level is the default option for most devices.

No restrictions: This gives the devices the ability to interact with all other devices and any internet-based service.

As more devices gain smart features at home, the increased need for security is vital to prevent unwanted network violations. By enabling HomeKit support, Amazon eero 6 users can have more control over the access capabilities of their smart devices at home. Users who own an eero 6 or eero Pro 6 system can learn how to enable HomeKit on the official eero website.

In addition, the recent support upgrade allows the new eero 6 line to join previous eero routers currently working with HomeKit. But does this update mean there will be more changes in other smart home lines owned by Amazon?

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Will other Amazon devices receive HomeKit support?

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Not at this time. Based on our research, it does not appear that Amazon is using the recent change to indicate that HomeKit is coming to other Amazon products.

This does not mean that there is no possibility of greater collaboration between technology giants in the future, but any speculation at this time seems to be just a thought of desire. This means that for now, you can expect Echo devices to maintain their ecosystem exclusivity.

But there are indicators, such as the new Matter standard, that demonstrate Amazon's desire to have a wider range of compatibility with other smart home devices in the future.

However, Matter is still in its teens, so smart home users will have to wait for more changes. In other words, several compatible devices appear, but a precise timeline has not yet been established.

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What does this update mean for Apple and Amazon customers?

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Overall, this update means that eero 6 and eero Pro 6 users can now enjoy the same security features as previous eero routers with their existing HomeKit configurations without worrying about being locked out of the HomeKit ecosystem.

From the perspective of both Apple and Amazon, it seems that not much has changed. None of these companies has released any information attesting to a wider range of compatibility of smart home devices.

Users will need to be patient

Despite speculation that Amazon's addition of HomeKit support for its eero 6 and eero Pro 6 routers demonstrates a broader trend of future compatibility between major manufacturers, there is not much information available to prove this.

And while many smart home users are still trying to work harder between the big smart home manufacturers to remove some of the current limitations, users will unfortunately have to be patient.

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