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What is the smallest (weakest) contact sensor?

What is the smallest (weakest) contact sensor?

I have a sliding glass door. The lock is a manual lever; when locked, it is inclined approximately 45 ° down, and when unlocked, approximately 45 ° up. I am thinking of putting a contact sensor on it – the magnet attached to the back of the lever and the door frame sensor so that it records the contact when the lever is in the locked position.

There is no place to work. The front of the lever does not really have enough space to attach the magnet (in addition, it will not be attractive). The back, however, is all flat, with a length of 3 cm and a width of 1 cm. The problem is the depth – there is a distance of 7-8 mm between the back of the lever and the surface of the door frame.

The magnet for the Koogeek sensor fits the length and width, but it's too thick to wipe the door frame – it * almost * fits without the double tape, but not enough.

Looking around, the Eve sensor is definitely too thick (and too wide). I don't find any dimensions on the Aqara magnet (and I'm not sure I want to create a hub for two sensors … although I think I could use more). The Fibaro sensor has a low profile, but their site only includes the length and width of the magnet.

Can anyone recommend something that might suit this purpose?

Alternative question: What if I scratch the magnet that comes with the sensor and buy a generic thin, rare earth magnet that can be glued to the back of the handle with tons of guard? Is there anything on the magnet side of these sensors besides a magnet? Would that work? TIA!

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