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When no one receives notifications at home

When no one receives notifications at home

Hey, so I have a question about HomeKit camera notifications.

I have a few circle views and a circle 2 (now secure integrated video), along with a few nuance things (lights and sensors), TV and HomePods. There are two adults in the house plus a third user (called family, with their own iCloud account), which is basically a common iPad for controlling the lights and checking the baby monitor.

My question is: if I use the option to receive notifications when no one is home, what does that mean for the third user’s iPad? Is it always registered at home? Is it related to location services, so it needs to stop? Is it based on whether that iCloud user is registered through contacts at home?

Save for setting home-made moving cardboard cutouts, I can’t practically test the notification when my partner and I go out and leave the family’s iPad at home.

I think the simple question is: how do you set the parameters for “no one”?