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Where are the usual HomeKit remotes?

Where are the usual HomeKit remotes?

Where are the usual HomeKit remotes

I saw the Qara Cube and other exotic models.
You can press different places, shake it,

I move from Nexa and I like their simple remote control

10 buttons in 2 rows.

It allows me to turn on and off 5 lights or an electrical outlet or whatever.

Very intuitive to use.

Anyone in my living room can understand it intuitively.
And since I only use it for lights, it’s great.

Giving a visitor a cube that you can press, double press, shake,
or something else a geometric creation with many more sides on it
it is not very intuitive.

I can use my phone and access the HomeKit application and press and turn off
lights etc. But it is inconvenient, and visitors will not have the application
or access to my network.

You can buy single or double switches that look more like they should be on the wall. I think we glued 4 of them together, but it won’t be so nice either
is it uncomfortable? There are also unique buttons that you can click, double-click, and more. and you can get 3 clicks of the button on the button, but again they are not very intuitive.

are there “normal” remote controls?