Why Premier League clubs don't take part in Shelter's No Home Kit campaign

Cupertino, December 26, 2021

Premier League clubs cannot take part in Shelter's #NoHomeKit campaign, which calls on football clubs to wear alternative tapes to raise awareness of sleep deprivation and unsafe housing due to existing kit rules.

The charity is asking teams across the country to wear either away or third gear, including those playing at home, on Boxing Day and December 27th.

However, the top clubs in England will not be participating.

Rule M22.1 in the Premier League states that the "first priority" is for the home club's home players to wear the band at home and have decided not to break it.

Shelter sent a presentation to a number of Premier League clubs

Why don't Premier League clubs participate?

Shelter sent a detailed presentation to the top clubs to play at home on December 26, which included a proposal for players to then sign the first unused bands and put them up for auction to raise funds.

However, the Premier League has stated that its clubs cannot participate in the scheme due to the current rules on home equipment.

A Premier League spokesman said: "The Premier League receives a lot of requests from charities every season, but we can't support them all centrally.

"Clubs have a right to support charities and we encourage clubs to do so, provided they comply with Premier League rules."

Shelter called for drastic measures to protect the homeless
Shelter called for drastic measures to protect the homeless

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Reach PLC is an official media partner for the #NoHomeKit Shelter campaign.

We are proud to support homeless charities in their struggle to address it

On this year's Boxing Day, football clubs and fans are asked to change their home jersey with away or third-party equipment to help people who do not have a safe place to call home.

We want as many teams, players and fans as possible to join the #NoHomeKit campaign and work with Shelter to help those facing homelessness and insecure housing this winter.

By joining the campaign, you will help raise awareness about housing emergencies and raise vital funds to help us fight it.

You can also donate for the cause here.

What was said about that decision?

Gary Neville has criticized the Premier League for his decision, expressing dissatisfaction with the news on Twitter.

He said: “Imagine refusing to raise money and raise awareness for the homeless. A Johnson as a return on the road if the clubs force hard! ”

Other critics also questioned the decision, pointing out how the Premier League granted a special exemption for Cristiano Ronaldo to inherit the number seven jersey from Edinson Cavani to Manchester United earlier this season, despite rules that stipulate that players must wear the same number while they are still at the same club.

0 Premier League Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Premier League clubs must wear their home equipment

Which clubs in England participate?

EFL has no problem with its members participating, several clubs have already committed to bring their travel equipment home this festive season.

The National League has also stated that it will participate in the Shelter campaign.

Shelter urged all teams to take part in this festive season.

Charity campaign director Osama Bhutta said: "We want as many teams, players and fans as possible to join #NoHomeKit and work with us to help those facing the harsh realities of homelessness. this winter.

"Everyone involved in #NoHomeKit can do something special by bringing the entire football community together to fight the housing emergency."

Shelter, which provides services to help the homeless and homeless, said 180,000 households had lost their homes since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of every £ 1 raised for the charity, 79p is spent directly to help people with advice, support and campaigning, while the other 21p is spent on additional fundraising.

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