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With official Matter support, Eero mesh routers could soon run your smart home

With official Matter support, Eero mesh routers could soon run your smart home

With official Matter support, Eero mesh routers could soon run your smart home

We are literally right now celebration The Vergehis 10th birthday in New York City, but we couldn’t hold an epic two-day event without also bringing you some tech news – and Eero co-founder and CEO Nick Weaver just did that at On the verge of. Weaver says that Eero, one of those that adopted the Thread protocol, will update all Wi-Fi routers equipped with Thread to fully support Matter. Matter is the future standard in 2022 that should allow for easier configuration of smart devices at home, with any compatible Matter host able to discover and work with any Matter client. Amazon’s rivals for Apple and Google smart homes are also on board with Matter.

“This time it feels different,” says Weaver, when asked about his company’s long-standing support for Thread, a protocol that showed no signs of taking off until it became part of the Matter standard. Now, many Eeros are ready to use it much more.

Weaver also mentioned on stage that Eero explored the idea of ​​a cellular backup system for Eero routers, similar to how Ring, the parent company’s other brand, Amazon, uses a cellular backup for its alarm system, though Weaver made no promise today.

When asked if he sees any competition from mobile providers (which now offer 5G connections at home, which can come with their own routers), if he sees a trend there, he didn’t seem to know what. “The biggest trend we’re seeing is that people are switching to mass gigabits,” he says. He says Eero has seen a 75% increase in its business selling Eero to internet service providers. “ISPs don’t want to receive service calls about their Wi-Fi routers, so they go with us,” he tells us.

Weaver says the company is currently designing routers independent of your internet connection – no matter how good or bad your ISP connection is, it doesn’t really matter. Right now, it’s the last mile (or realistically, the last hundred feet) to turn your cable or fiber Wi-Fi connection into your home.

If you’re curious what’s on Weaver’s own home network, he told Nilay and Dieter that his long list of devices includes a smart oven – and there’s an Apple HomeKit bridge among its many hubs. . Does Eero support HomeKit? Weaver wouldn’t say.