Working at a fully-fledged smart home ... I need advice

Cupertino, November 6, 2021

Hello again, folks at Reddit! Here is my longest post ever ... Before I begin, let me list everything I am currently running in my apartment: - 1 TP-Link AX5400 router - 2 HomePod Mini - 22 Nanoleaf bulbs - 1 tape Nanoleaf light - 2 Aqara cameras - 2 Aqara Motion + Light sensors - 3 humidity + temperature sensors Aqara - 1 Eve room - 1 Eve power outlet - 1 Eve contact sensor - 1 Cop hub - 3 Cop buttons So it was always a dream of mine when I was a child to have a smart home that would work even when there is a power outage. Now, if you're wondering why someone would need this or why they would want to do this, well, I don't really know. But it's something I've always hoped I could do one day. And that's why I started this project to fulfill my childhood dreams (FYI, for now I won't worry about how to supply energy to any of my light bulbs). A few weeks ago I bought three portable chargers for my three cameras, two portable chargers for the two HomePod mini and two mini-UPS devices for the modem and router. This is where we start to face my specific problems: the two mini-UPSs I bought work fantastically and do exactly what they are meant to do. I keep my wifi running for hours and hours even after the power goes out. I live in Florida and every season is rainy. Power outages are semi-common in my area. Now ... when it comes to my three cameras, the portable chargers I bought for them work, but at the same time ... they don't. If I connect OR disconnect either the cable that passes to the camera or the cable that leads to the portable charger itself, the status of the charger will be interrupted, which means that if the power is interrupted, the cameras will turn off and should restart (my goal is to they continue to run and record at the time of interruption). As for HomePod portable skid steer loaders, it just doesn't work at all. I thought I looked at all the technical specifications correctly, but the bridges flash orange and stay in this state, because the chargers offer too much (or too little?) Power. So I think two of my big questions would be these: Does anyone have portable chargers in mind that I can get for each camera that provides uninterrupted power when disconnected or connected, such as Mini-UPS? Should I try that Mission battery base for HomePod Mini that everyone is always talking about? Or is there a cheaper portable charger that works with the HomePod Mini? Thank you all!

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