Would you go with Homekit if you could do it all over again?

Cupertino, November 19, 2021

I am looking for a home automation system and I think Homekit would be best for scenes / automation and ease. However, when I read the comments in this thread, many people seem to be negative for Homekit and talking about it does not seem to be very supported by Apple. I'm looking for something that works and is easy for 99% of use cases, it would include things like: 1. Light (Hue) - To turn off / on and adjust the tone / intensity according to the time of day and sensors / movement buttons. 2. Sound - Music that plays according to different moments of the day / scenes and to follow me around the house based on motion sensors. 3. Cleaning = Robot vacuum cleaner based on door sensors / vibration and voice sensors. 4. Odor = Essential oil diffuser / plug-in odor that goes out throughout the day at set times. Also, depending on the location, it is triggered based on motion sensors. I mean in the bathroom / close. When I go to bed. When I come home. 5. Wifi devices = If more than 1 person is connected to wifi = different automations happen / don't happen. This should also change during the day. I mean, someone at my house at 2 is, the alarm routine doesn't start on the weekend. Right now, I consider Homekit to be good for 90% of the above, but I know that for things like cleaning it doesn't. If you were to start over, would you go through Homekit or someone else?

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