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Wow, the MyQ HomeKit bridge is really as terrible as everyone says. Is Meross the only other option?

I had a new LiftMaster garage door opener installed today and connected it to the MyQ app without any problems. Then I took out the MyQ HomeKit bridge and the OMG issue! Sometimes it would add to the app, occasionally start the HomeKit process, but no matter how I reset it, removed it, pressed the buttons, stood on my head with my fingers on my nose, refused to ever add the door or to add in the HomeKit application. After an hour I packed it back to come back.

I might still be inspired to try again, but assuming it doesn’t work, is Meross the only other HomeKit garage door opener? And did anyone get the “accessory kit” for the yellow button openers?

I really wish I could check the status of the door in Siri and add it to some automation. In addition, it seems that Meross could actually have better automation features, can anyone confirm?