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Yeelight Staria Pro – USA

Yeelight Staria Pro – USA

Yeelight Staria Pro USA

While looking for a good HomeKit compatible lamp, I came across [Yeelight Staria Pro]( (some reviews in r / HomeKit to). Needless to say, my interest was piqued. One problem I have is finding a place to buy it. I see it listed on a site called Banggood, which I’m not familiar with at all, but it lists it as coming with an EU outlet, which I imagine wouldn’t work for me in the US. I contacted Yeelight support to see if they could tell me if / when this might be available in the US through authorized retailers, but they informed me that there are currently no plans to sell the device in the US.

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My question is then, could I simply replace the power cord without affecting the functionality? If so, I’m not entirely sure what to get. It seems easy to find something at 100-240V that fits the end of the connection to the device, but the difference between AC and DC is not clear. Here is what is listed on the base (picture taken from [](Https:// I was hoping to probably get a confirmation from someone better versed in this matter before buying things. Thanks!