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You have remote access to HomeKit running on ATV3 (2020)

You have remote access to HomeKit running on ATV3 (2020)

I just wanted to confirm that Deleting Home and starting trick is still working in 2020, tested with iPhone 12 iPhone and ATV3.

Once I brought my ATV3 I received it as a hub with the status "Disabled". After I did some googling and read everywhere that ATV3 support was dropped around 2016 (just ignoring the apple support page saying otherwise), becoming really hopeless, I finally discovered Deleting Home and starting the trick , and to my surprise it worked!

on iOS 10 iPhone ATV3 Hub looks Connected, iOS 12 is displayed as Standby, but in any case, remote access works!

Looks like I have to keep ATV3 attached to the TV, or else it goes back to Disabled (and I have to start from scratch). You may need to buy the HDMI emulator to use it reliably. Will do more testing and post an update. It will also test remote automation.