Get a 50% discount on the Kasa Smart Power Strip during Prime Day in October.

Cupertino, October 10, 2023

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I've purchased numerous smart plugs and set up far too many strip octopi to control my devices from my phone or hub. However, if I had known about the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300, currently available at a discounted price during Amazon's "Prime Big Deal Days," it would have saved me a ton of effort. Not only does it function as a surge protector (which is always beneficial due to power grid instability), but it also possesses six smart outlets. I understand that this may seem like an exaggeration in my post, but there's a valid reason for it. Each smart outlet can be assigned a different function, and I haven't come across any other smart strip with such a vast number of smart sockets. Imagine creating a dazzling light display for the holidays, controlling your office equipment, or managing a greenhouse. The possibilities are endless, and this strip offers convenience in twelve different scenarios without much hassle. Best of all, it's now 50% off on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, so you can purchase a $79.99 comic for only $39.99.

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300 does not require a hub as it is compatible with the Kasa app, as well as Alexa and Google. However, it doesn't currently support Apple HomeKit. Although Kasa plans to integrate HomeKit support in the future, the comic cannot be used with HomeKit as a hub for now. If you're a HomeKit user, it doesn't mean you can't utilize the strip, but you won't be able to integrate it with HomeKit. Instead, you'll need to rely on the Kasa app. The bright white color of the strip may be too overwhelming for dark offices, but it should blend well with most interior designs. I particularly appreciate the flat, angled plug as it allows for a low-profile placement behind furniture.

If you're interested in more smart plugs and switches, here are some worth considering:

  • Kasa Smart Plug KP200, In-Wall Smart Home Wi-Fi Output Works with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, No Hub: discounted from $29.99 to $16.99
  • Kasa Apple HomeKit Outdoor Smart Plug, 2 Outlets, IP64 Weatherproofing for Outdoor String Lights: discounted from $29.99 to $19.99
  • Kasa Matter Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, Compact Design, 15 A/1800 W Max, Super Easy Install, Works: discounted from $69.99 to $44.99
  • Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220P3, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, 2.4GHz WiFi Light Switch: discounted from $74.99 to $39.94
  • Kasa Smart Motion Sensor Switch, Dimmer Light Switch, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: discounted from $39.99 to $22.99

If you want to find more deals on smart plugs, be sure to visit your local stores.

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