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Apple begins selling Eero mesh routers after earlier HomeKit update

Apple begins selling Eero mesh routers after earlier HomeKit update

Apple and Eero work together to sell the network equipment directly through the Apple online store. Eero made the announcement in a blog post today, the partnership will appear after Eero was the first to add support for the HomeKit router earlier this year.

Apple sells the full range of Eero mesh accessories. This includes the Eero Pro Mesh itself and various different packages and beacons, along with the standard Eero Mesh WiFi system. At this time, the products are only available through the Apple online store and there do not appear to be any plans to bring Eero equipment to physical Apple stores.

Eero says its products are available through Apple’s online store in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain:

This is an interesting step towards realizing our vision of bringing eero to more customers and homes around the world, providing them with a secure and reliable network for their smart home. Today’s announcement follows eero support for the Apple HomeKit, a key addition to our growing line of smart home integrations.

Eero Amazon was the first network company to add support for HomeKit routers, bringing the function to Eero and Eero Pro systems. HomeKit routers provide increased security for smart home accessories. Apple describes HomeKit router support as adding “more protection to home accessories by controlling what services and devices communicate with the Wi-Fi network at home and on the Internet.”

You can check out the full range of EK compatible HomeKit accessories at the Apple online store here. Prices vary slightly between Apple and Amazon and you can also find some refurbished options through Amazon.

Have you tried HomeKit support with Eero yet? If so, what do you think about functionality? Tell us in the comments!

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