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August’s new Wi-Fi Smart Lock with HomeKit and 45% smaller size now available

August's new Wi-Fi Smart Lock with HomeKit and 45% smaller size now available

Announced at CES in January, August today launched its new Wi-Fi Smart August block. The updated hardware sees a number of improvements such as the built-in WiFi (no deck needed) a completely new design that is 45% smaller than the August Smart Lock Pro and HomeKit support.

August announced availability in a blog post and highlighted its smart lock features:

Size 45% smaller in volume and 20% thinner than August Smart Lock Pro – and without the need for an additional Wi-Fi Connect Bridge – August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a nice discreet and simple design. It also has some subtle but valuable design features. The padlock face offers smoother transitions and rounded edges, while the refined, textured ridges surrounding the padlock invite tactility when the lock is manually rotated (the turning mechanism is even smoother). There is also a new badge that visually helps users identify the locked state of the device.

One of the unique selling points of August’s smart locks is that they work with your existing lock to make the installation process super easy to bring HomeKit smarts to the door.

Users can also take advantage of the “Auto-Unlock” feature of August as they approach their doors for a super perfect experience.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a silver color and a matte black. It is available now (in silver, matte black “soon”) directly from August for $ 249.99 or as an optional keyboard package for $ 309.99.

Stay tuned to 9to5Mac for a full review of this new HomeKit lock soon.

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