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Brilliant Control launches HomeKit support in beta for connected lights and fans

Brilliant Control launches HomeKit support in beta for connected lights and fans

After being announced back at CES in January, Brilliant has officially launched HomeKit support in public beta for its “Control” smart hub. This means that users can now control connected lights and fans via the Home app and with Siri on their Apple devices.

Brilliant Control replaces existing light switches around your home, similar to other smart switches on the market. The difference is that Brilliant’s control panel integrates smart home products, such as Amazon, Nest, Ecobee, Ring, August, Philips Hue, Sonos, Honeywell and Wemo.

With HomeKit support, fans and lights connected directly to Brilliant Control will now be controllable via HomeKit:

This integration will allow you to control uploads that are directly connected to Brilliant Control from the Apple Home, HomePod, or Siri app. This will allow loads that are directly connected to Brilliant Control, such as lights (which may or may not be dimmed) or on / off devices (e.g. fans) to be displayed as HomeKit accessories and included in scenes and automations in Apple Home experience.

Brilliant also points to a limitation on its new HomeKit support, which is said to be a limitation on Apple’s part:

Apple does not currently support non-Apple devices to display and control HomeKit devices on their interface. We will continue to work with Apple to see if this can be possible in the future.

For those unfamiliar, Brilliant Control is designed to replace your existing switches and provide a central platform on which you can control all smart home accessories. Although the HomeKit connection is not necessarily as deep as some might like, today’s update makes it possible to control the lights and fans controlled by this switch.

You can learn more about Brilliant Control support for HomeKit here and learn more about how to set up the public beta of HomeKit with your Bright Control in this support document. Brilliant Control is available in four different configurations, depending on the size of the light switch you are replacing. Prices start at $ 299 and go up to $ 449.

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