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Eve for HomeKit app updated with new Eve Aqua smart watering features, more

Eve application for iPhone and iPad is one of the best solutions for controlling HomeKit accessories through a third party application. An update to Eve for HomeKit brings new features for Eve Aqua today, more powerful context menus and more.

For strangers, Eve Aqua is a smart water controller that integrates with HomeKit. Allows you to control your sprinkler or irrigation system through the Eve, Siri or Home app. Today’s update includes new features in the Eve app for Aqua users.

Eve explains that a new smart program suspend feature for Eve Aqua users will allow you to suspend the watering program based on the rain forecast. This links to the shortcut app for Apple and here’s how it works:

The Eve app includes a “Check Watering” shortcut that will check the chance of rain in the weather forecast for your chosen location. Do this by accessing the Weather app that is preinstalled on the iPhone. Then set only the value above which you want watering to stop.

If you run the shortcut before noon, the chance of rain is checked for that day and – depending on the value – watering will be stopped for that day. If you run the shortcut in the afternoon, the chance of rain for the next day is checked and – depending on the value – watering will be interrupted for both days.

In the Eve app, you can also add scenes such as “Pause watering today” or “Pause watering today and tomorrow”, which you can manually activate with a quick press or Siri command. This feature does not actually check the weather forecast and is left entirely to you.

Today’s update of the Eve for HomeKit application also brings new contextual actions:

  • Touch and hold the Eve app icon on your home screen to start accessing a specific home.
  • Quickly navigate to graphical details, event lists, and full-screen room views.
  • Copy and paste the colors. You can now use that color from your favorite mood light and apply it to any other HomeKit-enabled light in an instant – either an individual light or all the lights in a room. And if you want to have a color at hand forever, simply add it to your color favorites right from the context menu.

Other changes and bug fixes include an enhanced launch experience, home sorting, and improved integration with the HomePass application for managing HomeKit configuration codes.

The Eve for HomeKit app is available in the App Store as a free download. If you want to connect to the new watering features, Eve Aqua can be purchased for $ 99. Read our full review here.

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