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Eve HomeKit accessories add Thread support for improved HomePod mini connectivity

Popular HomeKit maker Eve has announced that some of its HomeKit-enabled accessories will be supported by Thread later this month. Products include the US version of the Eve door sensor and the EU version of Eve Energy. Firmware updates for Eve Aqua and Eve Thermo will follow shortly.

“The HomePod mini offers powerful Home Hub capabilities embedded in an affordable Siri-enabled speaker and gives HomeKit an important boost,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “The support of HomeKit over Thread puts the entire Eve platform at the forefront of smart home innovation. We are excited to be among the first to bring this innovative smart home technology into the homes of HomePod Mini users bring. ”

“By enabling Thread on their devices, Eve is delivering significant value today and laying the foundation for a scalable, robust smart home ecosystem,” added Sujata Neidig, vice president of the Thread group. “This advanced approach is now improving the customer experience and helping them enjoy a reliable and seamless smart home for years to come.”

Thread support will be an important part of the HomeKit and HomePod Mini. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, thread technology is a central aspect of the upcoming standard for open application layers, which was developed by the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) working group within the Zigbee Alliance. Thanks to Thread’s IP foundation, devices from different manufacturers can connect to create a reliable network for running connected home devices.

Thread and its low-power mesh networking technology do not rely on a hub. So there is not a single point of failure. When devices are taken offline, data packet routes can be alternated to access the Internet. Once a HomePod mini is added to the network, threaded accessories automatically communicate with it and with each other. This connectivity is automatic with no need for users to configure anything in advance. Thread support is one of the main features of the HomePod Mini over the original HomePod

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