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Eve Water Guard Review: Can save thousands in home repairs

Eve Water Guard Review: Can save thousands in home repairs

Water leaks are undoubtedly something that can really damage a home. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a leak in our kitchen that made our hardwood floors deform. Especially with hardwood floors, a water leak can be disastrous. HomeKit enabled water leak detectors are the perfect way to be notified immediately in the event of a water leak. This week, I’ll be reviewing the Eve Water Guard to see where it fits in a HomeKit home.

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The Eve Water Guard is different from the Fibaro HomeKit water leak sensor because it needs to be connected. Both products have their place. Currently I use Fibaro under my kitchen sink, but I use the Eve Water Guard to cover my washing machine. Our washing machine is right in our living room, so if it started to leak while running, the water would stand on the hardwood floors in a matter of seconds.

The installation process

Eve is a first class citizen when it comes to HomeKit products. They do not operate their cloud service. They want to bring their products into the Home app and you will manage them all from there. The installation of the Water Guard took approximately four minutes from disconnection to its installation in the Home application.

Once I scanned the QR code HomeKit, I plugged it into the outlet on top of the washer and fixed the external cable between the dryer and the washer. The entire length of the cable detects water so you can place it almost anywhere.

I associated it with an Eve Energy to create an automation that will transform my washing machine on if The Eve Water Guard detects the water. By cutting off the appliance immediately, I hope I can limit the damage a water leak can do. With HomeKit, you can use any smart outlet that supports the Apple home smart frame. One of the reasons I use the Eve Energy model in this scenario is that I want to keep track of how much money we spend on washing clothes throughout the year.

Automation configuration

Eve Water Guard automation

To configure the automation described above, go to the Automation tab in the Home application. Touch “A sensor detects something.” Find Ever Water Guard. On the next screen, make sure it detects the leak is checked. On the next screen, find the smart socket you want to trigger when a leak occurs. Make sure the socket is turned off and then you are done.

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Many people will compare this product with the Fibaro HomeKit water leak sensor, because they both detect water leakage. There are enough differences between the two to have them both in your home. The Eve Water Guard is great for covering a large area if you have an outlet available (such as a laundry). Because the cable is weak, it can be easily hidden.

Fibaro I find it beneficial if you have a place where an outlet is not available (battery powered). There is no outlet under our kitchen sink, so Fibaro is a great fit there.

Overall, the Eve Water Guard is an excellent addition to the HomeKit configuration. I love the flexibility of being able to cover a large area, while still hiding the 6.5 meter cable. Can be purchased from Amazon. Don’t forget to take a HomeKit enabled socket to go with it.

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