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HomeKit-compatible air purifier here; doesn’t stop coronavirus

HomeKit-compatible air purifier here; doesn't stop coronavirus

If you’ve been waiting for a HomeKit compatible air purifier, the good news is that there is now one on the way. The Vocolinc PureFlow air purifier is already available for pre-order in some European and Scandinavian countries, with shipping displayed in 11-12 days.

You cannot order them yet in the US, but the company says US distributors have already placed orders.

HomeKit News the report suggests that the US price will be somewhere around $ 500.

It seems that at least one chain store online, located in Denmark, but with regional stores in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Finland, Poland and Norway, take orders, the shipment being listed at 11-12 days. Proshop in all the countries listed, is currently listed VAP1, the Swedish store displaying the price as 4,799Kr (507 USD / UK 392 GBP / EU 447 €).

The specifications are the standard HEPA.

Superior Filtration Technology: Three stages of advanced HEPA filtration eliminate up to 99.5% of gas and particles up to 0.3 microns in your room, up to 700 square meters.

Full angle filtration system: A dual air intake at the top air outlet design captures harmful gases and particles from all angles.

The company says that PureFlow offers a quiet way to use while you sleep.

Intelligent Air Purifier, Extremely Low Noise: 27dB In Idle Mode, Large Clean Air Distribution: Up To 100 Square Meters, Efficient Air Purification Capacity: Bi-directional Air Flow, True HEPA And Activated Carbon: Technologies filter filter, 5 color-coded lights, Works with: Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

In addition to the Siri control, you can also set device schedules.

However, if you hope it can protect you against coronavirus, a BuzzFeed the report says you’re not lucky.

“Your typical HEPA filter will not be able to remove coronavirus from the air,” said Dr. Erin Sorrell, assistant professor of microbiology and a member of the Georgetown Center for Global Health Sciences and Global Health. “The filter itself is 3 microns, and the virus itself is about 1 micron.”

A HomeKit compatible air purifier has a premium price; other HEPA air purifiers are usually around $ 100-200.

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